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850 CrossFit is a small intimate box that provides a high level of personal attention to ensure safe movements and the most effective results.

Home Bottom - About UsRob Lumsden – Owner/Level 2 Trainer/CrossFit Kids trainer.

Now in my 40’s, I am currently in the best shape of my life due to CrossFit and proper diet.  In my younger days, I didn’t have any trouble staying in shape – I played a lot of sports, specifically tennis throughout high school.  I joined the Army and for the three years of my enlistment, stayed in shape through the typical PT program.  As I got older and started working inside at a desk, I became less active and found it harder and harder to stay in shape. I discovered CrossFit and changed to a Paleo/primal diet and immediately started to see my health metrics improve (lower blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.).

Seeing the impact of CrossFit made me want to help others in the same way. I received my Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certification in 2012, and opened Garagebox that same year (in my garage). In June 2014, we opened the doors of 850 CrossFit at its current location. I received my Level 2 CrossFit Trainer certification in 2015. I re certified my CrossFit Level-2 certification in 2020 and received my CrossFit Kids trainer certification.

I love seeing members of our community achieve their fitness goals.

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1580 Bannerman Road Suite 3
Tallahassee, FL 32312
(850) 528-7500

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