Saturday 5-18-19

In teams

3 rounds

10 snatches 95/65

10 burpees

10 squats

Then, as a team 400m run

When all members complete the run,

3 rounds

10 cleans 95/65

10 burpees

250m row

This workout will be “relay style” We’ll split the group into teams, then at 3-2-1-go, the first team member will begin the first exercise, after finishing the first exercise, will move to the next one, the second athlete can then start the first. And so on. Once all members of the team finish 3 full rounds, the team may start the run. Once all members of the team are back inside the door, that team may begin the next part of the wod. Time will stop when the last team member completes the 3rd row.

**fastest team will get a free recovery drink out of the fridge.

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