Friday 6-28-19


400m run

3 rounds

10 deadlifts 45/35

10 hang cleans 45/35

10 jerks

2 min rest


Perform each set unbroken, if you can’t complete the reps, lower the weight


Deadlift-hang clean-jerk

This is a complex, you should grip the bar one time for each set and perform each movement the prescribed number of times then move to the next movement without putting the bar down. For example, for the set of 5, you are to select a weight that you can perform 5 deadlifts unbroken, then go straight into the hang cleans and perform all 5 hang cleans, then straight into the jerks, performing all 5 jerks, then the bar goes to the floor. Continue doing sets of 1 until failure.

Choose your weights wisely… Happy Friday

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