Tuesday 3-24-20



10 jumping jacks

10 squats

10 burpees

2 min rest


3 rounds

800m run

50 squats

**If you don’t have a known run in your neighborhood, try this.

Start at a fixed point in front of your house, maybe the edge of your driveway, or your mailbox. Start with your right foot, count every time your left foot hits. My 100m pace count is 56. So, if I start from my driveway, count out 56 times that my left foot hits the ground, then I’ve got a 200m loop.(down and back). Your pace count may be different than mine, but you’ll be close. Have fun, get outside, text me or call if you have any questions. Miss yall



  1. AB- 19:59
    OA- 34:55

    Note from Ola: aymens squats were acceptable, he did not warm up as usual!

  2. Those squats must’ve been real deep to pass the Ola standard.

  3. From CF 850 Durward-Betton Hills

    EC2 – 10:41
    PC – 13:57

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