Thursday 5-14-20


50 doubleunders

3 rounds

10 sec bottom of squat hold

10 jumping squats

10 pushups

2 min rest


Tabata “bottom to bottom” squats

Immediately following,

1 mile run

**bottom to bottom squat, begins in the below parallel Bottom position and goes to full extension and back to below parallel for each rep.

** the rest is taken in the down position, if during the workout, you have to stand during a rest, penalize yourself with a 20 sec time penalty per rest, on your mile run. So if you have to stand during 3 different rest periods, your penalty would be 1 min on your run.

**run the mile immediatly after the last tabata set, no rest, add any penalty time onto your run time

Score is your lowest number of squats and your adjusted mile run time.

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