Tuesday 9-7-21


4 rounds

800m run

2:00 min rest


600m run

2:00min rest


400m run

2:00min rest

warmup 8 min AMRAP

1 alt. Elbow to instep/jog

2 soldier kick/jog

3 alt Cossack squat/jog

4 alt hamstring scoop stretch/jog

5 alt knee hug/jog

6 up down/jog

7 broad jump/jog

skill work 15 min

10 snatch grip deadlifts

100m slow run

10 snatch deadlifts and shrug

100m medium paced

10 partial overhead squats

100m faster paced

10 hang power snatch

100m sprint

10 power snatch

100m wod pace

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