Friday 9-10-21


GHD “Annie”


double unders

GHD situps

*scaled versions are available


6 min AMRAP 10 reps per

-partial ROM GHD situps

-single under bellhops (front to back)

-single unders skier hops (side to side)

-single unders run in place

-partial ROM GHD situps

-single unders left leg

-single under right leg

-single under/double under or double unders

Weighted situp demo

V up demo

3 rounds

5 weighted situps 20/14

:30 rest


3 rounds

5 Knee tucks

5 straight legs and hands to thighs

5 V-ups

wod prep

20 unbroken double unders ( or variation)

10 Unbroken GHD situps (or variation)

cool down

in sets of 5-10 accumulate

25 GHD hip extensions

25 GHD back extensions

15 GHD hip and back extensions

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