Saturday 9-11-21


in teams of two,

40 box jump overs 30/24

200 ft hand stand walk

40 barbell lunges 185/125

20 muscle ups

40 hang power cleans

20 front squats 185/125

40 syncro bar facing burpees

*scaled version available


muscle up skills 5 min

3-5 reps per partner

-false grip ring rows

-leg assisted rings to chest

-muscle up transition to floor

-floor muscle up

6 min AMRAP

5 synchro box step ups

1 wall walks or bear crawl

5 synchro lunges

3 muscle up transitions

5 toe touch and jump

Barbell review 8 min

-hang power clean

-front squat

then, 3-5 reps each of:

-hang power cleans

-front squat

-hang power cleans


handstand scaling options

3 rounds increasing load to wod weight

5 front squats

5 muscle ups or variant

:10 handstand walk or variant

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